Organization Profile

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (PBCACC) operates one of the largest animal shelters in the state of Florida. We provide the homeless, lost, and/or abused and neglected animals in our shelter with routine daily care, mental and physical enrichment, quality medical treatment, and much more. Through adoptions, spay/neuter and vaccination programs, humane law enforcement, public education, and community outreach, PBCACC serves as a critical resource to promote and advocate for responsible pet care. We rely heavily on volunteers to assist us in nearly every aspect of our programs and services, from providing high-quality, hands-on care to the animals; to assisting with important administrative tasks; and much more. The minimum age for volunteering in the shelter is 16, but we have lots of suggestions for home-based projects for younger kids, as well. Please consider sharing some of your time and talents with the needy animals of our county!

Animals, Civic & Community
West Palm Beach, FL, 33411