Organization Profile

Curley's House of Style, Inc/Hope Relief Food Bank

Curley's House of Style, Inc os a grassrppts501C3 non-profit organization established in August 2001 to improve and empower the quality of life for very-low, low-to-moderate income families, the elderly, youth at risk, the abused, the homeless, veterans and HIV/Aids patients. We provide them bulk food products, clothing and information pertinent to their life situations and challenges. Curley's House has fed and clothed millions of needy individuals and families throughout Miami Dade County on a daily basis. In addition to the food and clothing we provide them with health and nutritional flyers on proper diet, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer related issues. We also provide information on housing, employment and other community services that they may not be aware of. We also serve as an ACCESS site where we can sign them up SNAP Benefits, medicare, medicaid KidsCare. Our organization will not let anyone leave our facility without food providing our shelves are and will assist them or direct them to the resources they need.

Disaster & Emergency Services, Hunger & Homelessness, Health & Human Services
Low-Income Communities, Veterans & Military Members, Incarcerated/Formerly Incarcerated Persons
Miami, FL, 33127